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Private Capital

We are a global consultancy with a focus on business development, deployment, and private capital facilitation for our clients.

All our relationships are vetted and nurtured to always protect all parties. Our investors consist of private individuals, family offices, and investment banks. They request our approved client deal flow and recommendation for those clients that match their criteria, industry, and preferred investment size. Our clients are safeguarded by our data room protocols and our scrubbed review of our investors.

We are not brokers but consultants working in the best interests of all parties. SGIC services are retained either per project or annually.

After we have your executive summary or business plan, we can meet on Zoom and review your goals in greater detail. Following that, we will issue a Private Capital Facilitation Agreement or similar service agreement listing our costs and process.

Note: our capital raise requirements have a minimum raise of $1m. We do not have a maximum.

Here are the steps:

  1. Receipt of the Pre-Client Onboarding Application.
  2. A review of your executive summary, business plan, or pitch deck.
  3. We meet via video conference followed by our mutual decision to proceed.
  4. SGIC will draft a PCF (Private Capital Facilitation Agreement).
  5. We execute our Mutual NCND Agreement.
  6. Our Due Diligence lead will schedule an orientation with you to discuss our process and requirements and access to our secure data room.
  7. Upon completion of the DD and any independent validation as necessary, the project will be submitted to the appropriate investors in your space.
  8. Our investor(s) will review the initial information and request greater access.
  9. Interested investors will ask for a video conference with you to discuss the project in detail.
  10. With your acceptance, they will begin drafting closing documents.
  11. The investment or first tranche will be transferred to you.
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