Status Group International

Status Group International
Ancillary Professional Business Services

Too many companies around the world have had to make drastic cuts to survive the Covid-19 global pandemic. These sweeping measures usually resulted in the loss of key, high level executives in operations, marketing, and training. SGIC has the experience to fill in those services as needed whether on-site or remote.
strategic services

SGIC Feasibility Study

Collection, Evaluation, Recommendation, Facilitation

We provide in-depth advisement for extended business development and potential capital investment based on an internal review. We must perform this service before we can begin to coordinate these recommendations. This safety, security, and strategic due diligence level process has elevated our firm to work with large companies, governments, organizations, and high-net-worth individuals worldwide. In turn, a secured recommendation from SGIC for an entity securing private capital is considered elevated.

The study is an intense drill down of due diligence relative to SGIC's acceptance, engagement, and call to action on behalf of a client or project. We review all related and relevant financial and systemic documents. This one-time review opens the door for SGIC to provide all services as required.

Our proprietary Feasibility Study will provide a clear picture of management wherewithal, budgetary and financial projections, opportunity, and logistical strengths, and allow specific considerations that may adjust a proposition's scope so that it fits the strategies or the reverse.

These studies also provide many other benefits, including:


  1. Is the projected Use of Funds strategy technically feasible?
    The considerations and resources needed to meet the technical and logistic resources to execute this project successfully. This understanding includes evaluating any hardware, software, and other specialized assets and whether they are adequate to meet the new project's requirements.
  2. Is this expansion or development plan legal? What are the requirements, laws, and regulations to complete this project?
    • Legal opinions are requested as required.
  3. Is this expansion or development plan operationally feasible?
    • Will this proposed project produce the anticipated results?
    • Is the strategy reliable, maintainable, and affordable?
  4. Is this plan feasible within the stated trial period?
    • Does the company have the time to complete this project? There must be an established and realistic project schedule for project completion.
  5. Is this plan economically feasible?
    • The assessment that the proposed project will provide the return value needed to justify its cost.
    • Projected profitability
    • The total cost of complete execution
    • Estimated investment by outside parties.
    • Accounting reviews ordered as required.
  6. Specific Learning experiences with Brand and Product introduction internationally.
    • A focus group to dispassionately review and critique culturally diverse markets.
    • Brand impressions, product reviews, and marketing strategies evaluated.

Note: This is not a complete list and not all items listed may be required.

In-Country Business Development

There are international business opportunities now just waiting for entrepreneurs. We are standing by to assist with in-country established services to develop multi-cultural opportunities and franchise concepts from one country to the next. Our Service Partners provide specific experience to create a partnership or Master Franchise.

BOD, CEO, CFO, COO Services Remote/On-site

Most early-stage and rapidly growing businesses require periodic assistance from an experienced operator. The Pandemic has resulted in many high-level sacrifices. The benefits of dispassionate oversight cannot be overstated. And more often, entrepreneurs and managers need help to keep their momentum. SGIC can provide international assistance with outstanding, seasoned professionals on a random or scheduled basis.

Other Services

Supervisory and Leadership Services

SGIC can provide proven operational excellence to your company.

  • Operational On-site Performance
    • Evaluation
    • Recommendations
  • Team training
    • Team Building Seminars
    • Rally Planning and Execution
    • Executive Retreat
      • Planning
      • Execution
      • Moderator (remote/on-site)


Regardless of the situation, we can act as your Client Advocate. SGIC will be the intermediate that will allow the parties to diffuse most situations, and settle many issues, while presenting you with professional representation at a greatly reduced cost of legal services. While we are not functioning as your legal Counsel, through our extensive experience, we can advise you when it is time to engage legal advice.

  • Intermediate Pre-legal Representation
    • Provide Buffer Between Parties
    • Reduce Legal Costs
  • Arbitration Services
    • Internal/External (in person/remote)


Contracts have a basic template that covers basic tenets; stipulate the parties, obligations, assurances, remedies, etc. With many law firms, your lawyer only sees the finished product after it is prepared by his para legal or intern. The costs of creating, reviewing, and critiquing such contracts can be significantly reduced if the lawyer is only hired to review the finished product.

Additionally, we can put a fresh perspective on your ongoing business contracts and documents. There may be hidden mistakes and missed opportunities. Even ordinary “business as usual” contracts might benefit from a once over and a fresh perspective. Our hourly review rates are at a fraction of any law firm.

  • Create
  • Pre-Legal Review
  • Fresh Perspective

Business Development Services

With decades of C-Level expertise, our services can be rendered on a per project, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Systemic Review and Evaluation
  • Budget Assessment and Viability
  • Goal Setting
  • Comprehensive Financial Investment Packaging
  • Franchise Startup Assessments and Consulting
  • Location Targeting
    • Demographics
    • Site Evaluations
    • Lease Reviews